Women Gets Too Many Pickles On Her Sub, Promptly Assaults Employee


Boston Magazine – A Saturday at a sub shop in Quincy quickly turned into a situation that left one employee in a real pickle.
According to MBTA Transit Police, Tina Drouin, 49, will be summonsed to Quincy District Court on assault charges, after she allegedly attacked a worker at the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog store at the Quincy Center station because the worker placed too many condiments on her order.

First off I am a huge fan of puns and love that the Boston Magazine used one in an assault situation like this, I really like that style. After that though I get confused. I’ve read this story from a bunch of different sources and it never really makes sense. It says this women was at a Nathan’s Hot Dog station and is ordering a steak and cheese sub? Uh what. I didn’t even know they sold subs at Nathan’s and even if they do I don’t see a damn reason in the world you would get anything but a freaking hot dog there. And then why did this employee just put an influx of pickles on a steak and cheese. None of that makes sense. If I was ordering a steak and cheese and just saw my sub getting absolutely pounded with pickles I’d probably freak the hell out too. Maybe not to the extent of throwing two huge jars of pickles at the worker but pissed off nonetheless. And to finish it all off it, this employee was knocked to the ground by the jars of pickles? Not the punch to the face? God I am confused.

It’s pretty fair to say this Nathan’s may need to stock up on some more pickles after this incident.


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