Our Story

If you’ve been around the Golden Eaglez since 2007 you know what we’ve been all about. Sure we were founded as a wiffle ball team but our name has become synonymous¬†with much more than that over the last half-dozen years. It has been about fathering a brand new lifestyle we call “Living the Gold Life.” This lifestyle is whatever you make it to be. You can put your own description on it and live by it. It’s hard to put exact words to what it is but you can derive the meaning to this lifestyle from our posts and the way we live and act.

This brings us to 2013. As we have grown older we have somewhat steered away from the wiffle ball team that consumed our early teen years but we still heavily associate ourselves as Golden Eaglez, or what we like to call “Geagz.” With the Geagz spirit still strong among us we decided to reconstruct our website to a blog focusing on all sorts of topics, call it the latest buzz around all spectrums and scopes, if you will. We know there are a bunch of sites like this out there right now but we’ll put a certain twist on things and feature unique content to keep you interested. Also don’t be shy, post your own comments as we always are looking to hear our readers’ angle. The Geagz are sure to keep you entertained for the long haul.

Be sure to connect with us via twitter by using the hashtag #LivingtheGoldLife and tweeting @geaglez.

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