Steph Curry’s Wet 3rd Quarter

I was watching Golden State vs Denver last night and loved what I was seeing because of my new found fandom for the Warriors. Even with a 12-point halftime lead though, Warriors’ sensation Steph Curry only found himself with 7 points (I believe). He did have some dazzling passes which helped rack up his assists, and you had to give him a break since he was playing on an injured ankle and was basically a gametime decision. Then came the 3rd quarter. Curry took over the game and left me speechless and rocked the Oracle Arena crowd to the point where I got goosebumps. That crowd at Oracle has to be one of the, if not the best, in the league by the way, they really know how to rock and make it a deafening experience to the point where players can’t hear the ref’s whistle. That’s gotta be a great crowd to catch a game with. Anyway, with their lead slimmed down to four a couple times, the Warriors let Curry take control, and he did. He scored 22 points over the course of the last 6 minutes and change in the 3rd. It was like he couldn’t miss, hitting deep 3’s and even fastbreak 3’s. Reminded me of his 54 point performance against the Knicks this year, where he hit 11 3’s. That was something to behold, as was this 31 point performance which helped the Warriors grab a 3-1 series lead and put the Nuggets on the brink of elimination. Watch the unbelievable 3rd quarter from Curry, and especially his crazy running 3 at the 1:40 point that put the Oracle crowd into a frenzy.

Also check out just an excerpt of the play-by-play below, really shows how incredible this was;
Screen Shot 2013-04-29 at 3.13.17 PM

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