More People Had Sex During Hurricane Sandy Because “There Was Nothing Else To Do”, Baby Boom Now Imminent


New York Times – Late last October, Hurricane Sandy pumped 6 feet of water into the lobby of a residential building in downtown Jersey City, N.J., trapping Meaghan B Murphy and her husband, Patrick, in their apartment and leaving them without electricity for days.

Murphy, 37, deputy editor of Self magazine, is expected to give birth to her third child at the end of July. “We were content with two children; three were not in the plan,” she recalled. “But with no power, no TV, no lights, even without that much food, there was not much else to do.”

“And my husband is so handsome,” she added of Patrick Murphy, a 33-year-old private client manager for a bank. “I couldn’t resist.”

Am I the only one who thinks this woman’s quote isn’t anything short of ridiculous? Basically saying the only reason they decided to have a third kid was because they were bored with nothing else to do (let alone literally get wet for him pulling the “I couldn’t resist” card in a national newspaper article). It wasn’t enough that their baby was conceived in a middle of a raging hurricane. Great for this kid to come across this article one day and see he was the definition of an “unplanned” baby. Just a victim of two horny parents sitting around with no electricity or food (and obviously no condoms in their emergency supplies), and letting their hormones flow.

The Science World Report is also reporting that the amount of women expected to deliver in July is expected to be 10-20 percent higher than last year. Talk about a long hot summer.

ps…I can’t but go back to this lady’s quote again, seems like she is saying there’s no way to have sex without conceiving a child. Like if you don’t want a damn kid there’s a way to still bang out with your hubby without having to squeeze one out 9 months later. Patrick is obviously not a fan of pulling out.

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