Over the past six years, the Golden Eaglez have taken their initial wiffle ball fanatics and translated it to a whole new lifestyle. As the Geagz themselves have grown so have the networks around them. The world has experienced a massive boom in social networking since the Geagz first established themselves in May of 2007. Due to these factors, the Geagz have recently felt the need to re-position themselves more than that of the wiffle ball team they laid their foundation on.

Now in May of 2013 we are proud to introduce the brand-new GoldenEaglez.com! We have stayed consistent with the equities that have driven the Golden Eaglez brand to success and recognition over the course of the past half-dozen years, in establishing this new site. With a focus on the latest social media buzz, no matter the industry, the Golden Eaglez will aid you in acquiring the newest and greatest around all spectrums. We will be blogging daily and bringing you the most recent buzz across the country.

The Golden Eaglez urge you to enjoy our stories and comment your opinions, as we are always glad to hear your thoughts. Finally, remember to stay clam and always be #LivingtheGoldenLife.


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