Pissed Off Student Speech Goes Viral

Couple things I gathered from this video. First, this kid absolutely hates doing packets. Like I mean absolutely despises them beyond anything else in the world, lock this kid in a room with packets and he would rip them to shreds within minutes. Those packets don’t stand a darn chance. And then there’s his shoes. The first time I watched this I couldn’t even focus on one word he was saying. Those sneaks just paralyzed my eyes, just doesn’t work with that outfit bro. There’s obviously also the fact that he’s the only one who seems the give the slightest shit about what he’s being taught. That comes no surprise for me as you can just look at his classmates and see they’re not exactly of the same, let me say background, as him, excuse me for the subtle racism (but we all know it’s true). Personally, after this kid gets finished shredding railings with his board, I’d like to see him take the stage and lead a lecture. One hundred face-to-face interaction because you know with those freaking packets, kids these days don’t learn like that, yo.

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