Apple iOS 7 Concept Design

So obviously iOS 7 is slated to come out for the iPhone, iPad, and all those other ‘i’ products this fall. There’s been a bunch of speculation as to what changes its going to bring, and some rumors that these changes are going to be quite substantial. With that in mind I went out and found my favorite iOS concept design on the web. Very flat looking, looks pretty exactly like Windows 8 in my book but for some reason I really like that clean design. I would have no complaints if this design happened but since no one ever really knows what Apple is up to, I’d have to say there’s less than a 1% chance this actually happens. However, the good news for people like myself is the 9to5Mac is indeed reporting that a flat design is in the works for Apple, and most of their focus in regard to the new operating system will be the visual aspects. Too much speculation in my mind, and who knows what sources are actually credible anymore. Anyways, enough with the talking, now I’m going to cue the concept that tops all the others in my mind.

Now if you hated the one I picked, quit bitching and go find your own. There’s a ton more over at 9to5Mac. Check them out.

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