Greenwich House Hits Market With Price Tag of $190 Million


WSJ – On Friday, a waterfront estate in Greenwich, Conn., was put up for sale. With a price tag of $190 million, it’s believed to be the most expensive home now listed on the market in the U.S.
The 50½-acre property includes a 12-bedroom Victorian, French-renaissance mansion, 4,000 feet of water frontage on Long Island Sound and two offshore islands.

Whoever put this up for sale is a certified baller. Just zero precedent out there for a price like this. Absolutely absurd. Now who the hell is gonna buy this?

What this article fails to mention is that this house is actually only visible by water because the whole property is engulfed by trees, as well as the fact that there are upwards of five full-size guest houses also located on the 50-acre property. I’ll let the video and pictures do the talking from here.




View the full slideshow over at the Wall Street Journal.

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