Google Me! I’m Amanda Bynes!

normal-airport-002IBTimes – Amanda Bynes seems to be courting trouble often these days. On Sunday, she was refrained from boarding a private jet because she could not present proper identification, according to reports. The incident happened at the Teterboro Airport where the actress was supposed to take her flight to Los Angeles.

Ahhh the Bynes saga continues. It wouldn’t be a normal week if we didn’t see a headline featuring the newest Lindsay Lohan impersonator. Bynes has been crushing life lately. This time, while attempting to board a private jet to LA, Bynes failed to provide any identification. Crazy bitches don’t go down without a fight, and my girl Bynes is one crazy cat. But honestly, I kind of support Bynes here. “OMG Governor-Chay you’re such an idiot, who doesn’t bring at least their drivers license to the airport.” Easy tough guys. It’s not that she forgot her drivers license, she had that shit suspended so obviously she couldn’t bring it. And she was flying private! If the pilot doesn’t decide to be such a jive turkey and demand ID from everyone on the plane, this story never happens and Bynes stays out of the spotlight…for maybe another day or two. Maybe this is just me, but I don’t know too many people who bring their damn passport when flying commercially. Granted if your drivers license is suspended you should probably plan ahead if you know you have a flight coming up, but that’s just Bynes being Bynes. She’s gone off the deep end, what do you expect.

So when you don’t have any ID and you’re a celebrity, the obvious play in this situation is to pull a Chiddy Bang and scream “Google Me! I’m Amanda Bynes!” If someone can think of a better option here, please let me know. This actually almost worked, but unfortunately, no dice for Bynes and they wouldn’t let her fly.

Maybe no one believed it was her because, like me, they have no idea where these tig ole bitties came from. Bynes! Titties!


P.S. How is Bynes’ twitter account not verified? That’s her real problem. Nothing more official than a verified twitter account. She has 1.1 million followers while only following 6 people. If that doesn’t scream I’m the real Amanda Bynes, I don’t know what does.

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