Drunk Guy Takes Zamboni For A Spin

NBC Oklahoma City – Police arrested 24-year-old Spencer Holt Saturday night after they said he broke into the Cox Convention Center, hijacked a zamboni and took it for a spin around the ice while under the influence…Holt was arrested on several charges, including destruction of private property and public drunkenness.

I can’t deny this guys thirst for wanting to drive a zamboni, I’ve always wanted to do it as well. But it’s probably not the best decision to do it when you’re drunk. Although I will say, even though this is by no means condoning drunk driving (he didn’t even get a DUI by the looks of the article, didn’t even say how drunk he was), if you’re gonna drive anything when you have your buzz on then a zamboni is probably the safest bet. First off you’re probably only going to find one of these inside an ice rink and gonna be able to drive it around the rink. That’s a confined area which doesn’t risk the safety of anyone else, sure you may screw up the boards and the zamboni itself but all of that can be replaced. The real question in all of this, however, is how this dude got into the rink so easily and was able to drive it. I mean even if the ice rink isn’t locked then you would probably infer they wouldn’t leave the keys in the ignition. That’s basically just asking for it. It only sounded like this guy was able to enjoy his ride for about 1-2 minutes which sucks because you don’t get the whole zamboni experience within such a short timeframe. I still don’t think this guy regrets this move, not many people can say they’ve hijacked a zamboni.

The last part of the video btw where the director says… “This is why you shouldn’t drink and…do things because you can mess up your life doing that stuff,” you know he was about to say “drink and drive zambonis”, I could feel it, he couldn’t hold his smile in.

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