Charles Ramsey Is An Internet Legend

He’s all over Twitter, he’s all over Facebook, and he’s on every news channel. And you know what? I can’t get enough of him! Move over Dos Equis, Charles Ramsey might be the new most interesting man in the world. Yesterday I said he’s the newest internet sensation, well scratch that because he’s now reached legend status. I’ve never been more interested in someone telling a story about going to McDonald’s and getting a Big Mac. Just listen to how he builds the suspense and sets the scene in this interview with Anderson Cooper (start around 0:40).

Like if he isn’t in the next Big Mac or McRib ad, I’m legitimately gonna be pissed (update: McDonald’s will reach out to Ramsey). He’s given McDonald’s more free advertising over the past few days than they’ve ever had. It’s always the same story about the mailman putting his neighbor’s mail in his mailbox and then him going on his bike to McDonald’s. Like I know exactly what goes down, it’s the same story every time…becomes a hero while holding a half-eaten Big Mac [and all that]…but I’m just as interested every time. He’s totally taken the whole focus off Amanda Berry and the other two victims and the whole spotlight is on him. The girls seem to be an after thought because everyone is craving more and more Charles Ramsey. Encores on encores on encores. He could be the next great screenplay writer, he just seems to have that innate ability to bring everyone to the edge of their seats everytime. It’s incredible.

Here’s the best auto-tuned interview remix I’ve seen so far.

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